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My name is Karen Christine Cesarano and I am Anglo-Italian. I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist based in Hailsham, East Sussex with over 30 years’ experience. I have always had a passion for helping people. I attended the Rome University “La Sapienza” and graduated with an MSc in Clinical Psychology. I then worked for 5 years in Italy, whilst specialising in T.A. psychotherapy, in a residential community with people who suffered from severe mental disorders, in my role as a psychologist and training psychotherapist. This was a very important and formative part in my professional development. I then went on to qualify as a Certified Transactional Analyst and continued in further training and certified as a Relationally Focused Developmentally Based Integrative Psychotherapist. Model developed by Richard Erskine.

I opened my own private practice in 1986 and have worked in this field ever since. Having the experience of living and working in different cultures, understanding and finding the nuances, similarities and differences between cultures has influenced me in the way I work, and my ongoing curiosity in working with multicultural and diversity issues.

This introduced me to exploring and learning more about Sensory Sensitivity and developing my further passion towards understanding and deepening my knowledge and skills in the field of neuroscience and how our specific nervous system functions. After completing my psychotherapy training I decided that I wanted to share what I had learned with others as a Trainer and Supervisor and started my journey towards qualifying as a Trainer and Supervisor in Integrative Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis.

During these years in my professional/personal journey and experience I have learned that:

● Contact - in - relationship is an important experience for healthy development

● Contact - in - relationship is an important experience in any “healing” process

● Our relationships past and present play a fundamental part in our wellbeing.

● We are the result of our specific life experiences together with our individual uniqueness.

● Relationship, connectedness is an essential core experience in all human beings.

● We can do a lot towards how we experience ourselves and others developing our awareness and skills on a cognitive, emotional and physiological level.

● Our feelings, our thinking, our body sensations, are interconnected and are interdependent; influencing our behaviour and our wellbeing.

● Our Mind, Body and Heart must be connected and function together fluidly in order to promote our well being and live according to our potential.

I love my work, and the uniqueness and diversity that each encounter with a person brings, in all three fields of my practice.

As a Trainer I offer specific training courses in UK and in Europe in Integrative Psychotherapy for practitioners who wish to further expand and deepen their skills. I also offer training in different European T.A. Training Institutes.

I offer supervision for training and practising psychotherapists that come from many different modalities.

I provide psychotherapy for individual adults (over 18) either in person, in Hailsham, or online from across the UK, Europe and beyond.

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