My Approach

Our work together is rooted in building a safe and reliable therapeutic relationship together, one based on mutual respect and trust.

As human beings, we are “hardwired” in a way that we are particularly sensitive to, and need to experience contactful, meaningful relationships in our lives. When this does not happen we can feel “hurt”, angry, confused, lost, wrong in our core self.

We need to understand together with another person the “Why’s” and “How’s” of our coping mechanisms and skills we have developed in our life and find new ways that feel more healthy positive choices to us.

My approach is relationally based and developmentally focused, reflecting my personal philosophy and attention on how as human beings we build, maintain or break relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Whatever the circumstance and relational difficulty, my philosophy is that relationships are always co-created, therefore we always have options and choices regarding what to do and how.

I believe and know that our childhood histories play a role in our adult lives sometimes in a limiting way, so I am attentive both to the “here and now” and “there and then” in the way I work.

My approach is holistic, taking into account our whole selves, Mind, Body, Behaviour, Spirit. This is because I believe that we are not just mind, emotions behaviour, we are body too, and we need to function and find our balance as a ‘Whole’!

My approach is based on looking to enhance the integration and connection between our "parts" bringing them together in a balanced way. Within this framework exploring how Trauma and cumulative trauma is remembered and manifests itself in the body sensations and unhealth are welcomed.

Before we begin working together, you can contact me via email or the contact form. This will give you the opportunity to explain your current situation so I can see if I can fit with your need.

Initial Consultation

Our first session together is an assessment session during which I will find out more about you, your current struggles and any specific experience you want me to know. I will offer more information about our work together and you can ask me questions. From there, we can decide if we think and feel we can work together.